Hello world! This blog is going to be my attempt to bring together all the things that are going on in Rhetta’s world, and share them with you! I am a freelance writer and author, with four books I’m actively promoting at present: Ghost to Coast, a paranormal  handbook of ghost tours, paranormal investigation groups,and haunted places, Ghost to Coast Tours and Haunted Places, which is a new volume of Ghost to Coast is what is going to be a continuing series, Crafty Kids: Make Your Own Craft Supplies, a book a wrote a few years back for kids with loads of recipes for making your own clay, paint, glue, etc., and T’ain’t  Nobody’s Business If I Do, a book about blues women old and new.

In addition, I am the assistant editor of  The Journal of  Anomolous Research, a new electronic journal dedicated to the paranormal, UFOs, parapsychology, etc.

I also am the senior PR person for GhoStock, a paranormal enthusiasts convention taking place in Salem, MA.  April 16-19.

I created and am constantly enlarging The Paranormal Directory at http://boomja.com, Ghost to Coast at http:/www.ghosttocoast.us, Rhetta Akamatsu.com at http://www.rhettaakamatsu.com, and Fabulous Freebies and Fun Links for Kids at http://www.maxandstar.info.

I put out a weekly ezine for kids called Fabulous Freebies and Fun Links for Kids as well, and have since 1999!

In addition to all that, I do research for Boomja.com and am an executive editor there, working on The Diabetes Library, Dental Care Universe, Chiropractic Universe, The Great Green List, and ThINKplaza, particularly.

I have a new directory which I’m just starting, which will be called Blues News and will be all about blues music.

So, you can see, I have a LOT to blog and talk about !  Hope you’ll find this site new and interesting!