New Volume from Ghost to Coast Features Tours and Haunted Locations Across America

Following the successful publication of Ghost To Coast: A Handbook of Ghost Tours, Paranormal Investigation Groups, and Haunted Hotels in 2007, Georgia author Rhetta Akamatsu has now published Ghost To Coast Tours and Haunted Places, with more illustrations, articles, and details about haunted places and the tours that let you experience them for yourself.

“It was necessary, in order to update Ghost to Coast, to split it into categories. Otherwise, the book would be too huge to  be convenient or affordable,” Ms. Akamatsu explains. “So I took the opportunity to add photos and details that make this book both useful as a travel guide for paranormal enthusiasts and entertaining to read.”

Reviewing the first book of the series, author A.F. Stewart opined:

“This supernatural travel tour guide brings new meaning to the phrase ‘your favourite haunts’.”

That sentiment will hold even more true for Ghost to Coast Tours and Haunted Places.

The states are full of haunted mansions, jails, courthouses, hotels and homesteads. Phantom hitchhikers, headless engineers, and unending battles abound. Let Ghost to Coast Tours and Haunted Places tell you who, what, and where the ghosts and haunted places are, and help you find the tours that will lead you to them in every state from Alabama to Wyoming.

Ghost to Coast Tours and Haunted Places is currently available for purchase directly from the publisher at and will soon be available in wide distribution.

Rhetta Akamatsu