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Paranormal literature aimed at women is hot these days. The shelves are full of tales about vampires, mythological heroes, and even a few ghosts. But until now, comic book superheroes have not been widely represented.

That changes with Karma Girl.

Imagine a world in which superheroes and ubervillains are part of the makeup of every small town and big city, with smaller places making only having a pair while big cities may have several sets of heroes and villains.

For Carmen Cole, ace reporter, it doesn’t matter if they call themselves good guys are bad guys, she hates them all and she’s out to unmask them all. Ever since she found out, on her wedding day, that her fiance was a superhero and her best friend was an ubervillain, and that they were in the middle of a blazing hot affair, she’s been on a crusade to bring down anybody with extra powers who wears spandex. And she’s doing a really good job.

But then one unmasking leads to tragedy, Carmen’s career takes a decided downswing and she’s plagued with guilt. So when Bigtown’s ubervillains capture her and try to force her to unmaks the Fearless Five, Carmen strikes back. Along the way, she becomes more and more entangled with the superhero team, including Striker, who certainly attracts her in a superpowerful way.

Will Carmen and the Fearless Five defeat the Terrible Triad? Will Carmen find true love?

You will have a tremendous amount of fun finding out.

Jennifer Estep is an awarding winning journalist, but this is her first novel. I certainly hope it isn’t her last.

Any female who grew up reading comics or who enjoys watching superheroes on tv or in the movies will love this book, and I’m betting some guys would find it amusing, too.