Every year on the Grammy Awards it seems I learn of the passing of someone I have loved dearly in my life, and I never even heard about it when they died.  There were two this year, and each is going to get his own personal goodbye from me here.

Larry Norman died in February 2008. He had had heart trouble for years, but at 60, he wasn’t old enough for his death to be called natural in my opinion, just because he didn’t do anything to bring it on.

In the 1970’s, I was recovering from a bad, bad relationship, and looking for some kind of spiritual path. I was trying to figure out if a person could follow Jesus’ teaching and not be judgemental or hateful or narrow-minded. In the end, I had too many questions to really follow that path, and I’m Unitarian Universalist and happy to be still trying to find those answers. But I have run into a few people who made me think that it is possible to be free and loving and non-judgemental and Christian, and Larry Norman is one of those people. I loved him from the moment I discovered his music, and though I stopped listening for the most part nearly 20 years ago, I have remembered him and his humor and his spirit fondly, always.

Knowing that he passed a year ago and I didn’t know it hurt me to my soul. I’ve been listening to him today, and remembering him. Here’s a video to share: