s some of you know, I have several jobs. Among them, I help create web directories for Boomja.com. One directory, http://www.chiropracticuniverse.com, is one that the five of us who have been doing this for a long time have worked on for over a year. Lately, we added a new administrative feature where we have to add keywords for each entry. For Chiro, as we refer to it, I found some good keywords and was just cutting and pasting them into each entry, with a few more specific keywords for each one at the end.

Another job is Associate Editor at The Journal of Anomalous Sciences. We are launching this week, so last week Jari, the editor, and I were chatting and talking on Skype endlessly, getting everything ready. That made it necessary for me to multitask, so I was chatting with Jari in Skype and working on Chiro at the same time. Jari said, “you better be careful that you don’t accidentally type some of our discussion into your chiropractic directory.”

I laughed and said, “Oh, that can’t happen, I’m just cutting and pasting.’

I have since found out that when Jari says something may happen, you need to take care, as often times, it does.

About 10 minutes later, he sent me a message saying that in the next issue, he would like to concentrate on UFOs, ancient civilization, Annunaki, greys, alien abduction, and so on.

I cut and pasted it into Notetab, as those are not my usual fields of research, being more of a ghost person myself.

So, naturally, on the next chiro entry, which happened to be Chiropractic Adjustments, I pasted in the entry:

Chiropractic Adjustments: UFOs, ancient civilization, Annunaki, greys, alien abduction

I caught myself, but I can’t help but picture what would have happened if I hadn’t, and my chiro section had shown up under a search for ancient astronauts.