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I am more proud than I can say to share this official press release with you. PLEASE Go check out the journal and tell me what you think, even if you are not into the paranormal!

March 1, 2009 – Today Nexus World Publications introduced its premier issue of The Journal of Anomalous Sciences, a new, state –of –the –art, bi-monthly, electronic magazine (eZine), filled with beautiful graphic artwork and stunning photography. The journal’s intention is to present the anomalous sciences in a showcase that will present the facts about new and wonderful discoveries in a format that will not only entertain the reader, but captivate and inform them on the latest discoveries and theories; in depth and thought provoking detail.

“The Journal of Anomalous Science’s sole mission is to present all the anomalous sciences that are researched and investigated by thousands of people, as the sciences they truly are – with opposing points of view and information that may not only surprise you, but spark your imagination!” said Jari Mikkola, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the journal.“The Journal of Anomalous Sciences is designed not only to attract a highly demanding audience that seeks the truth behind the information, but to allow that audience to decide for itself and make its own decisions about what to believe and what’s important.”

Research and analysis within the journal is presented in such a ground breaking manner that it is bound to open the mind, allowing readers to look at the anomalous sciences in a different way, opening new doors to bring these sciences into the mainstream, where before we could only use our imagination.

Subscribers will be able to enjoy the journal in three formats: by downloading the journal as a PDF file, to print or read at their leisure, as on-line web pages with the familiar look and feel of the web, or by enjoying the newest “flip” technology, which gives the reader a virtual experience of the familiar way of reading a paper magazine, while allowing a photograph to come to life with a video and audio experience one cannot get from a hard copy.

The eZine format will be a standard feature for subscribing members, with discount subscriptions available to organizations and groups. World Nexus Publication is making their premier issue FREE to everyone so that they may experience all the value and beauty of this full-color journal for themselves.

To view the March 2009 issue of the journal:

http://www.worldnexuspublications.com – for the eZine version, http://worldnexuspublications.com/jas/march/march_april_2009/html/page_thumbs.html – for the web version,

http://worldnexuspublications.com/jas/march/march_april_2009/pdf/march_april_2009.pdf – to download the pdf.

If you are interested in submitting your article for inclusion into the journal, please see the premier issue for our submission guidelines.


Jari A. Mikkola, Editor, editor@worldnexuspublications.com

Rhetta Akamatsu, Assistant Editor, rakamatsu@worldnexuspublication.com

Kristen Hiatte, Marketing Director, khiatt@worldnexuspublications.com

Phone: (678) 701-4873