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I have been helping with the PR for GhoStock 7, in Salem for the first time this year. Patrick has decided on a great deal to help people come who might not otherwise be able to join us for the full 4 days and real paranormal investigations in Salem!

Please read and join us!

For a limited time only, we’re running a “Two for Two” special – buy two full-price GhoStock registrations and get two FREE!

Do the math here folks – $400 split four ways = just $100 per person! We’re essentially slicing the cost of registration in half! We realize these are hard times for everyone, so we’re doing our part to help people out that really want to come to the event. Consider this the “GhoStock Economic Stimulus Package”! 😉

The catch? Your group must have at least one paid accomodation at the Hawthorne Hotel for the three nights of the conference – April 16’th, 17’th and 18’th. Thats it!

Click here for hotel accommodation info at the Hawthorne…

Feel free to give your freebies to friends or family members as a gift. Or split the cost four ways with members of your investigation team – the choice is yours!

I know some of you are probably thinking “What if I already PAID for my registration???” No worries – persons who have already paid for two reigstrations will automatically receive the two freebies! And If you’ve purchased a single registration, you need only purchase another full-price registration to take advantage of this deal!

If you’re taking advantage of the “Two for Two” deal, please register here. Then send an email to ghostock@ghosthounds.com and let us know the names of your guests, along with their email addresses so we can assign them their registration numbers. We’ll also need your confirmation number for the Hawthorne Hotel or the name the room is under.

Note that this special is running for a limited time only, so please don’t delay!

I hope this initiative will allow our friends who are feeling the pinch of the economy join us in Salem this April by taking some of the “sting” out of the registration price.