The new Journal of Anomolous Sciences is available, and, one last time, we’ve made it free. It’s 110 pages long, and I edited almost every word of it. At the end, we ran out of time, and Jari edited a few. Kristin edited the proofs after Jari finished formatting. But I found about half the articles, wrote one of them about the Nephilim, and spent much time conferring with Jari about layout, etc. I think it is beyond awesome, and the graphics, film clips, and video make it so much more than just an ordinary magazine experience!

People are loving it, too. Here are some of the comments we’ve gotten:

“EXCELlENT! , honestly, THE BEST paranormal publication I have EVER seen – Hands down! Equal to, and in many ways better, than many of the top publications of ANY topic around. Your magazine really brings a sense of quality and professionalism to our subject matter that easily looks like you’re running a 100 man operation. The quality you bring to the graphics, the layouts and the outstanding contributors (especially the commentary section), the Journal could easily become the premiere paranormal publication within a year!”

“Where can I get a printed copy? A magazine like this should be at Barnes and Noble!”

“It’s like reading National Geographic, only with our subject matter! I love it.”

“The video content, adds a whole new world to publishing a magazine. When can I get this for my iPod?”

I love that 100-man operation quote; there are three of us: Jari the publisher, me the associate managing editor, and Kristen the girl Friday. And none of us get paid anything, so don’t you dare call this SPAM. Just go look at our Journal. Here’s the cover:junejournal