On June 20, 2009, my husband and I joined a group of people, including several from as far away as Connecticut, for the Norcross, Georgia ghost tour. Norcross is a small town that is part of metro Atlanta. The historic section of town has maintained the feel of rural Georgia despite its metro location. We met our guides Will Ayermach and “Miss Elfie Ness,” a lady who died in 1915, we were told, and who was there to tell us about the town from her perspective, in front of the 45 South Cafe’, a lovely coffee shop with live music and delicious ice cream smoothies.

The tour began in the alley behind the main street stores and covered only the area of the main Square, although Will and Miss Elfie told us stories of the cemetery and the ballfield as well. (There is a very busy and dangerous street there, and there has been some unsavory activity at night in the graveyard lately from live people that have made it unsafe for the tour to go there. But there were plenty of tales to be told on the main street, in and around the park: tales of murder, robbery, illicit alcohol,the 1915 World Series and its connection to a Norcross spirit, railroad justice, and, of course ghosts. Miss Elfie did a wonderful job of conveying small town life in the early 1900’s, when ladies had a coca-cola on a Saturday evening and life could be quite genteel, but where every man carried a sidearm and justice could be quickly meted out at the end of a tree limb. Will, a member of Ghost Hounds, the same paranormal investigation group my husband and I belong to, and a leader of his own group as well, added details from paranormal investigations that support the tales that have grown up in the city.

The tour lasts about 90 minutes and is a very, very easy walk with lots of stops and several chances to sit and listen along the way. The tours run two weekends a month from June-September, and every day from October 10-31. I highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to learn a little bit of Georgia history with a bit of murder, mayhem and spine-tingling superanatural stories to boot.