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Peter S. Beagle is magical. As I writer, he’s almost superhuman, I think.
And in this collection of short 9 short stories and a series of poems, he
is just a gift to the world.

The main theme of these stories is of people and creatures being more than
they seem, not even nearly what meets the eye. An angel is not just an angel. An
English professor morphs into the ultimate Frenchman. A newsanchor has an
incredible secret identity. And on and on.

Each story is a little slice of a different reality, and Beagle’s skill causes you
to inhabit each of those realities to the fullest. He capture every different voice
with absolute authenticy, whether that of a Jewish painter, a female pirate, young, old,
and in between. Every word fits together perfectly.

Tad Williams called Peter S. Beagle “a bandit prince out to steal readers’ hearts,” and
if this book doesn’t steal yours, you must not have one.