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Vampires are everywhere these days: I’m even working on a vampire novel, myself. So I really didn’t know what to expect from Maggie Shayne’s novel, Bloodline. I had never read any of Ms. Shayne’s work before, and frankly, the cheesy cover concerned me.

But this skilled writer and clever storyline quickly put my fears to rest.

In Bloodline, a secret government agency is stealing orphans and kidnapping newborns with a special antigen in their blood which allows them to become vampires, brainwashing them and keeping them prisoner in a facility known as The Farm, then turning them and sending them out. No one in the book knows what happens to them then.

But when Ethan escapes, and then Lilith, they team together to bring down The Farm, gaining unexpected allies along the way and facing down near insurmountable difficulties.

This book is clever and engrossing. My only quibble is how seldom these vampires seem to need nourishment. Aside from that, the book is fast-moving, the plot-line engrossing and inventive, and sure to please any fantasy or vampire fan.