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Friday… I had time off to go see William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Yes, Laura, I saw Leonard Nimoy. He looks darn good, too. He and Shatner were very amusing together, although I hear Shatner was quite grumpy with the fans later. Seens that Nimoy keeps him balanced; they tease each other mercilessly. Nimoy was picking on him for not being in the movie. It seems that really is a sore spot: Shatner said he didn’t know why he wasn’t in it and that he hasn’t seen it. Someone asked if Nimoy was in the next one, and Shatner growled “If you say you’re in the next one, I am going to leap from this chair and tear your throat out.” But Nimoy said that they have just started writing a script and as far as he knows, he’s not in it. He teased Shatner about his memory and kept pretending he was going to do a Vulcan mindmeld on him. When someone asked Nimoy a question, Shatner pretended to pout, turning his chair away from the audience and claiming, “Don’t consider this pouting. Just pretend I’m not even here.”  It was a fun panel, and a treat to see them. Here is some video. At the beginning, they are talking about George Takei, who has a bit of a feud with Shatner:

Most of Friday was busy, handing out the press badges and providing info. Our team worked together very well indeed. We all got along great and had a fun time working.

I did my Dan Simmons panel with my friend author Van Plexico and Sci fi lit staffer Christopher Robin (yes, his last name is Robin and his parents named him Christopher,) who is also a friend. It went extremely well.

In the evening, an interviewer needed a place to do an interview and Dan offered him our room. He was interviewing Brad Dourif, my favorite celebrity ever at DragonCon! For those of you who don’t recognize the  name, he was Billy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Grima Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings, Doc on Deadwood, but is still best  known as the voice of Chucky in all of the Child’s Play movies. The interviewer was late, bless him, so Cyd, Robyn and I got to talk to Brad. He is the nicest man imaginable with no ego at all. I told him that I met him at my first DragonCon 13 years ago when I was working the Tolkien track and he got lost and they sent me to find him, and he remembered that! He didn’t remember it was me, but he remembered the incident  and how nervous he was because it was the first big Con he had done. He took pictures with all of us, and I will post mine if the computer will let me.

I also got to hear Dr. Seth Shostack, whoworks for SETI, Friday night. He was informative and funny as well, as almost all the scientists, astrophysicists, and NASA people are. It’s what makes Science track so much fun.

Saturday was another busy day (we were working 25 hours) but 3 of my hours were in the Walk of Fame. The first 45 minutes of that was great; the rest was pretty boring. But the first 45 minutes…! I met Dustin and Joe of the Ghost Hunters and talked to them for a while, so now I’ve met all the Ghost Hunters. I got to shake hands with Malcolm McDowell!!!! I told him about Rosie’s tattoo of him as Alex. He said that happens from time to time, that someone will have that tattoo, and he is always flattered. I talked to Gareth David-Lloyd, Ianto on Torchwood, who is just gorgeous and very nice. John Billingsley, who was Dr. Phlox on Star Trek: Enterprise and is now on Trueblood, introduced me to his wife and was just lovely. I saw but did not get to speak to Catherine Bach and John Schneider. She is back in Daisy shape and John Schneider looks really hot.

Other than that, I didn’t get to do too much Saturday besides work and take some photos of costumes as I went between hotels about 20 times, or so it seemed. (DragonCon is in 4 hotels, three of which are located across the street and behind each other in a row.) I did my panel with Van again and with Jean Marie Ward, a very good author who is funny and opinionated, and the audience was very interactive. We were talking about movies that should be made from sci fi books and movies that should never have been made, and we could have gone on for 2 hours instead of 3. But that’s enough about Friday and Saturday, I think.

Next and last post, Sunday and yesterday.