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DragonCon is over and it’s time to try to get off Con time and return to the real world, not an easy thing to do! I want to upload pictures, but the computer won’t let me right now, so I’ll tell you about the con and share photos later.

I started out Thursday morning although the Con officially starts on Friday. I went to the memorial Robert Heinlein blood drive and gave blood Thursday morning; I got a cool t-shirt and a bleeding mug (when you fill it with warm liquid, it appears to bleed) for being one of the first 500. I am proud to say that DragonCon gave more blood this year than ComicCon, which is 3 times the size (even though we had many more than 30,000 people.) I believe the count was 1800 units, if I am not mistaken.

Thursday night, we had a press party. I got to hang out with my friend Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio, and Alan Ruck came up and introduced himself to me. I did not recognize him at first, but he has had roles on Star Trek and BSG and, to me, a bigger deal: he was Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Then, Bruce Davison showed up: I saw him on the new Knight Rider, which I hated, but he was good in it, and I remember him from movies and other roles. Krissy Swanson was there. But then…other staffers Katie and Robyn and I were thrilled…Barry Bostwick! BRAD for us Rocky Horror fans was there! We got to talk to him. He was just a lovely man, and showed us the Rocky Horror necklaces he made (he’s a potter) just for DragonCon. What a thrill! That man is TALL!

Ok, I see I am going to have different posts for each day or this will be a book. Next message will be about Friday!