We wemt to my favorite city, Charleston, SC (except when it’s Savannah, GA. I go back and forth,) last weekend. We were pretty broke but we went to pick up copies of my book,  Haunted Marietta, to sell at the Harvest Fest here in Marietta, GA this weekend.  At least, that was the excuse. It was a pleasure to meet my marketing events person, Katie, from History  Press.

We stayed at Not So Hostel on Spring St. in the historic district. What a great place! You have the option to stay in dorm style rooms which hold 4 people in bunk beds for $21 a person, or in a private room for $60 a night. Being new to hostels, we opted for the private room, which was tiny but had a very comfortable bed and a chest of drawers and wi fi in the room, so that my husband was perfectly happy.  There was a huge double porch with hammocks and rocking chairs, and we had full use of it. There was a fully stocked kitchen which we were free to use (although we didn’t.) There was a sitting room with comfortable sofas, DVDs and VHS tapes to borrow, a bookshelf, and two computers for guest use. Best of all, there was a wonderful free breakfast with bagels, organic pumpkin spread, organic peanut butter and almond butter, and Nutella, and great fair-trade coffee!

There are actually three buildings, and I don’t know what the other two are like, except everyone has breakfast in the main building where we were. But in ours, the only drawbacks were that there is no television (I didn’t care, but someone might,) and you have to go downstairs to share one of the two small bathrooms/showers. It’s a short flight of stairs, though, and when we were there we didn’t have to stand in line or anything. At busier times of the year, that might be more inconvenient.

Nevertheless, if you don’t care a lot about privacy and enjoy the company of others and you don’t need luxury accommodations, you cannot beat the price for a fun and interesting place to stay!

We were only there from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon, but we had a great time. We went to the market, to the Battery, walked through the Moon Pie General Store, walked through the beautiful Unitarian Church (Est. 1772) and graveyard, ate seafood at Folly Beach at the Crab Shack…it was perfect and a great weekend getaway!