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I was thinking about my possible new business venture into web design, and I realized I do not want to take that on. I am a writer, first and foremost, and if I take on all that I won’t have time to write or promote my books the way it needs to be done . I have 3 or 4 weekly columns to write for Atlanta Blues Examiner too, and a number of web directories to maintain. So I decided to narrow it down to two things I know I can do well and that I will have time to do for customers: social networking and email newsletter. I’ve done my own email newsletter for almost 11 years now, and I maintain 3 Twitter accounts and two Facebook pages. I’ve found that my Twitter and Facebook accounts have significantly impaced my own sales, and I’ve seen what they’ve done for others. So now the Star’s Golden Ticket WordPress pages reflect that those are the services I am offering, although the blog will still cover SEO, web design advice, etc.