I was following the line back for my greatgrandmother Martha Moore and around 1600  I found the name Gillman, in the Ukraine. I thought that didn’t sound Russian so I looked it up and it is a Jewish name. I was curious. (I am also surprised that I have Jewish bllod about 7 or 8 generations back several different times.) So I looked online and found this:

1569 BREST (Lithuania)

The union of the kingdoms of Poland and Lithuania opened the door for Jewish settlement in the Ukraine, which became one of the main centers of Lithuanian Jewry. Up to this date there were no more than 4000 Jews in the area. During the next 80 years the Jewish population increased to more than 50,000.

I guess that explains that. Wow.. so my 9th great grandfather Edmund Gillman was born in the Ukraine, but left there sometime before 1624 for England, where my 8th great grandmother Anne Gillman was born.