I use Grammarly for proofreading because no matter how carefully I go over my text, gremlins come along and cause typos.

The one thing I have learned about writing for a living that is most crucial is that it does not matter how fascinating your subject matter may be, one typo can cause you to lose all credibility. It does not seem fair but it is so.

It is almost impossible to proofread your own material. Your brain will see what you think you wrote and not what is actually on the page. You have to read it more than once and scrutinize each word. Then read it out loud to see how it sounds. Then go over it again.

A better method is to have someone else read it and look for errors, preferably someone trained to do so.

Software like Grammarly that looks for errors for you can be a huge help in finding things that you may have overlooked.

The important lesson is not to get in such a hurry to share all the fascinating facts you’ve learned or the great plot you’ve created and skip the boring and meticulous work of making sure everything is correct. I’ve done that in the past and it is always a mistake. Take the time. Use the software. Get some more human help. Do whatever it takes to make sure your writing is correct before you post it.

Do you see any errors in this post? Let me know if you do!