It’s amazing how the image of tattoos have changed over recent years. I remember an uncle of mine who had been in the navy had a hula girl on his arm and when I was small I was fascinated because she would appear to dance when he flexed his arm. I did not know any women who had tattoos and that was not something that happened in “civilized society” much outside of the circus at that time.

Now it is common for people of all ages and both genders to have ink on their bodies. I have one tattoo on my leg. My daughter has many. She works as a professional makeup artist now and even in the upscale salon where she works they are accepted by her clients. But for years she worked in a law office and it never raised eyebrows there either.

Discrimination against people with tattoos does exist in the workplace still. But with most people under 35 having tattoos now it is not only something people have become used to seeing it but something that employers  may have to accept if they want the best and the brightest young employees for their businesses.

Personally I have grown to love my daughter’s tattoos as part of her. And I find myself reacting much more positively toward anybody with a lot of tattoos than I would have even 15 years ago.