Rhetta Akamatsu, Author

My name is Rhetta Akamatsu and I am a freelance writer, author, and editor.

I have written a number of books, including the popular non-fiction The Irish Slaves, the lavishly illustrated Sex Sells: Women in Photography and Film, and  Haunted Marietta, which was published by The History Press as part of its Haunted Marietta series.

ote My book, Haunted Marietta

In addition, I have two other paranormal books, Ghost to Coast, published in 2007, and Ghost to Coast Tours and Haunted Places, published early in 2009.

In addition to the paranormal, I love blues music and I have a book called Tain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do: Women Blues Singers Old and New. I am the Blues Examiner for Atlanta at examiner.com as well.

I am the mother of two and grandmother to six (including a step-grandson.) I live in Marietta, GA with my husband and two cats.

I hope to share with you exciting news about all my projects in the days to come!

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